Gregory A. Bohach

Gregory A. Bohach, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and formerly Vice President for Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State University, 

Gregory A. Bohach, Starkville, MS. Dr. Bohach is professor of biochemistry and molecular biology and formerly Vice President for the Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University. He has served on numerous agricultural commodity and advocacy boards and also chaired the Committee on Legislation and Policy (CLP) a standing committee within the Policy Board of Directors (PBD) of the Board on Agriculture Assembly (BAA). Previously, he served as chair of the Western Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors and chaired the ESCOP Science and Technology Committee. He received his B.S. degree from University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Ph.D. from West Virginia University and MT (ASCP) certification from Connemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital, Johnstown, PA.